Secure Open-Source Backend Server for Web and Mobile Developers

Appwrite provides developers with a set of easy-to-use and integrate REST APIs to manage their entire backend needs.

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Power, Security and Flexibility

Take advantage of the Appwrite products to speed up your development on any platform


Store, query and manage access control to your app documents


Upload, download and preview your app and users files and media


Authenticate, confirm and manage your users using multiple signin methods


Find your users location, locale and fetch geo related data

Scheduled Tasks

Set your recurring background jobs and time them to your needs


Track your usage and manage your project resources from a modern UI


Built in end to end security for your backend API both in transit and at rest

Quick to Get Started, Easy to Grow

All of Appwrite SDKs are carefully designed to make developers lives easier:

  1. Simplicity first attitude
  2. Zero dependencies
  3. Verbose documentation
  4. Consistency across platforms
  5. Plays well with others
Grab the Appwrite JS SDK:
npm install appwrite
Configure your SDK and start sending calls:
// Init your JS SDK
var appwrite = new Appwrite();


// Login User
appwrite.auth.login('', 'password',
    '', '');

Manage Your Backend APIs From our Powerful Console

Console Screenshot Console Screenshot Console Screenshot

Integrate with your Tools and Technologies

Developing for backend, client or a mobile platform? Appwrite can fit right in

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