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Build your entire backend within minutes and scale effortlessly using Appwrite's open-source platform. Add Authentication, Databases, Functions, Storage, and Messaging to your projects using the frameworks and languages of your choice.

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Your backend, minus the hassle

Build secure and scalable applications with less code. Add authentication, databases, storage, and more using Appwrite's development platform.


Your backend, minus the hassle

Build secure and scalable applications with less code. Add authentication, databases, storage, and more using Appwrite's development platform.


Secure login for all users

Authenticate users securely with multiple login methods like Email/Password, SMS, OAuth, Anonymous, Magic URLs and more.

  • 30+ login methods
  • Support for teams, roles and user labels
  • Rate-limits and advanced user protection
  • Custom SMTP and email templates


Store, query and manage data

Scalable and robust database backed by your favorite technologies.

  • Never paused
  • Fast in-memory caching
  • Advanced permission models
  • Custom data validation
  • Relationships support


Customize and extend your backend

Deploy and scale serverless functions in secure, isolated runtimes.

  • Automatic deployment from GitHub
  • Trigger using GitHub, CLI, Event Listeners or HTTP requests
  • Support for 30+ runtimes in 13 languages
  • Custom domain support


Communicate with your users

Set up a full-functioning messaging service for your application that covers multiple channels under one unified platform.

  • Draft and preview your messages before delivery
  • Segment your users for specific targeting
  • Send push notifications, emails, and SMS
  • Supports real-time and location-based messaging


Upload and manage files

Securely store files with advanced compression, encryption and image transformations.

  • File encryption at rest and transit
  • Built-in image transformation capabilities
  • Advanced compression with WebP/Brotli support


Realtime events for every service

Subscribe and react to any Appwrite event using the Realtime API.

  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Built-in permission management
  • Support for DBs, Auth, Storage & Functions

See your products grow

Keep track of your projects progress on the Appwrite Console and see them grow into products users love and use every day.


Self-host your data or take it to the Cloud

Migrate your data from and to any platform at any time with Appwrite Migrations. With built-in security and privacy for peace of mind.

  • Self-Hosted

    Own your data or host it on a cloud region of choice.

  • Encryption

    Built-in data encryption both in rest and in transit.

  • Abuse protection

    Protect your APIs from abuse with built-in protection.

  • Data migrations

    Easily transfer data from 3rd parties or between Cloud and self-hosted.

  • GDPR

    Safeguard user data and privacy with provided GDPR regulations.

  • SOC-2

    Ensure the highest level of security and privacy protection.


    Protect sensitive user health data.

Loved by developers like you
  • Avatar of Terry Lennon
    Terry Lennon

    Been a huge supporter of Appwrite for over a year, championing it even at the companies I was working at. Their community is second-to-none, speed of feature release is exceptional, and the support in their Discord is incredible.

  • Avatar of Varun Dhand
    Varun Dhand

    Recently, I embarked on a journey to create a Real-Time Chat Application that would redefine seamless communication. Along the way, I discovered an incredible tool that transformed my backend game - Appwrite!

  • Avatar of Kap.ts

    Backend Engineers, you will agree with me that building the authentication process for your app with each new API development is a pain. Here's my secret: I let @appwrite handle my authentication process while I focus on the business logic.

  • Avatar of Stephen Simon
    Stephen Simon

    Absolutely in love with Appwrite and the commitment to the community!

  • Avatar of Teri

    I have used Appwrite twice, and the experience of using it was great as I got to build a full-stack application. I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking to explore an alternative database option. Appwrite is simply the best.

  • Avatar of Souvik Sarkar
    Souvik Sarkar

    If you're looking for a backend server that is both powerful and easy to use, check out @appwrite. With its robust feature set and open-source nature, it's the perfect choice for developers who want to build secure and scalable applications.


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