Appwrite helps you build secure apps by applying various security and compliance measures. Appwrite is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2.

Appwrite also employs enhanced password protection and encryption, rate limits, robust permission systems, and HTTPS/TLS to protect you and your users' data.


The safeguarding of your and your users' data is taken seriously at Appwrite. Appwrite works to achieve compliance with a variety of standards to protect sensitive data, as well as maintain trust and credibility.


Appwrite employs a variety of measures to help you build secure applications, faster. Learn about the different ways Appwrite protects you and your users' data and privacy.

Reporting vulnerabilities

If you discover security vulnerabilities, please contact us at Please avoid posting a public issue on GitHub or elsewhere online to prevent malicious actors from abusing the vulnerabilities before the Appwrite team has chance to patch the issue.