This documentation contains all the information you need to start building Web, Flutter, Android, or iOS apps with Appwrite. You can also review the complete and detailed API references to our services, tools, and features.

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Appwrite is a secure, open-source backend that abstracts the complexity of common, complex, and repetitive tasks required for building a modern app.

Appwrite provides you with a set of secure APIs, tools, and a management console UI to help you build your apps quickly without compromising security. Use Appwrite to add user authentication and management, data and file storage, run server-side code, image manipulation, localization, and more into your apps.

Appwrite adapts to your unique habits and needs. You can integrate Appwrite directly with your client app or use it alongside your existing backend server, using the language and technologies you're most comfortable with.

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Appwrite provides all the core features of a modern backend. Explore Appwrite's features for authentication, databases, file storage, and executing server-side code with functions.

Appwrite is technology-agnostic. You can integrate Appwrite with any of the SDKs, or directly with the REST or GraphQL API.

You can also respond to events in real time with Appwrite's Realtime API or through webhooks.


Are you looking to contribute to Appwrite? Our contribution guide has you covered. Want an SDK for a language we don't yet support? Check out the SDK generator project. Also, have a look at our GitHub organization for all of our other projects.

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