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The Appwrite Startups Program supports your startup with a complete backend for you to build your products. Eligible startups receive Appwrite Cloud Pro for 12 months.

  • Complete backend

    Get access to Appwrite’s Pro plan and build your entire backend with Appwrite.

  • Cloud credits

    Get Appwrite Cloud Pro for 12 months and reduce risk at an early stage.

  • Premium support

    Get community support and premium email support from the Appwrite team.

  1. Ship faster

    Utilizing Appwrite as your backend, you significantly cut down the time and resources spent on building a backend infrastructure from scratch. This means you can get to quicker iterations and faster time-to-market, directly addressing the challenge of finding product-market fit sooner.

    The integrated user authentication and the ease of creating data structures have undoubtedly saved us several weeks' worth of time.

    Avatar of Kap.ts
    Marius Bolik
  2. Scalable architecture

    Appwrite's scalable architecture ensures you can build your product with growth in mind. Whether you're just testing the waters or ready to scale up rapidly, our infrastructure seamlessly adjusts to your needs, easing the transition through different stages of your business growth.

    There's no struggling with writing backend code and working with databases, as that's already taken care of.

    Avatar of Ryan O'Conner
    Ryan O'Conner
    Founder // K-Collect
  3. Built-in security and compliance

    Appwrite comes with built-in security features like authentication, database security, and more, reducing the time and effort you need to spend on securing your application.

    With its robust feature set and open-source nature, Appwrite is the perfect choice for developers who want to build secure and scalable applications.

    Avatar of Souvik Sarkar
    Souvik Sarkar
    • Avatar of Teri
      Louis Baker
      Hello devs! I am getting a CORS error when sending a request to the backend. Can you help me?
    • Avatar of Teri
      Hey Louis! Is this the message you get `Access blocked by CORS policy`?
    • Avatar of Teri
      Louis Baker
    • Avatar of Teri
      You should be able to debug this with a few steps. Just follow this blog: /blog/post/cors-error. Let me know if this helps 🙂

    Power of open source community

    Join a growing community of developers and founders who use Appwrite to build their products. Gain access to a wealth of knowledge, support, and shared experiences to help navigate the challenges of startup growth.

    Appwrite has been a tremendous asset in implementing our IT infrastructure. Not only is the software an absolute game-changer, but the team is always there when you need them.

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    Marius Bolik

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