• Announcing new Appwrite AI integrations

    The AI hype is real and will be around for many years to come. In 2021 alone, AI startups worldwide raised nearly $50 billion in venture capital across approximately 1,500 deals, reflecting a significant increase from previous years. So it’s no surprise that many of you are looking to build AI powered applications. But that’s easier said than done, as building AI powered applications can be tricky. We don’t want it to be. That’s why we’re happy to share multiple AI related announcements designed to enhance the Appwrite experience and adapt to new possibilities for devs building with Appwrite.

    • New knowledge base for AI

    • New third party AI integration tutorials

    • New AI-powered Function templates

    Read the announcement to learn more

  • Appwrite Messaging is free for six months

    When we introduced Messaging during Init, we were overwhelmed by the excitement within the Appwrite community. Now we can also announce that Messaging will be free for the next six months.

    Read the announcement to learn more

  • Appwrite achieves SOC 2 Type 1 compliance

    We are excited to announce that Appwrite has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance (System and Organization Controls). This demonstrates our dedication to maintaining the highest information security standards for all industries.

    Read the announcement to learn more

  • Appwrite 1.5 is now available on Cloud

    After announcing many new products and features during Init as part of the 1.5 release, we saw great excitement within the community to get started with the newly presented Appwrite 1.5. Although already available on self-hosted, the new Appwrite products and features were yet to be released to Cloud.

    Today, we are excited to say the wait is finally over as we announce the release of Appwrite 1.5 to the Cloud.

    Read the announcement to learn more

  • Appwrite 1.5.5 is released

    Appwrite 1.5.5 is released with fixes for Databases, MFA, and Console.


    • Array updates where elements are removed do not work.

    • Change SMS verification message to only have the OTP

    • Add missing 'apis' attribute to projects collection

    • Fix wrong refresh var for Autodesk OAuth 2 provider

    • Remove a redundant call to fetch the topic document again by @ItzNotABug

    • Fixed rate-limit problems for chunked uploads

    • Fix delete message event not firing

    • Fix worker crash when using custom SMTP provider

    • Fix MFA recovery code removal

    • Add recovery code to List factors

    • Fix MFA challenge type check

    • Delete related attributes on delete collection

    • Fix delete MFA authenticator response model

    • Fix MFA with admin mode (Server SDKs)

    Experience improvements:

    • New recoverycode added to the list of MFA factors, making it easier to implement drop-downs and selectors for MFA factors.

    Console fixes:

    • Bump console to version 4.0.6

    • Infinite redirects to verify page when MFA is enabled on Console.

    • Attribute state not properly reflected in Console.

    • Missing file extension validation on Function form.

    • Add new locale Taiwan (TW) by @xuelink

    • Add Hong Kong (HK) to locales @deanurag

    • Add French Polynesia flag


    • Enable auto-upgrade for MariaDB container

    • Update getEnv to use system lib

    You can update by following the upgrade docs.

    Note that upgrading from 1.5.x -> 1.5.5 requires running migration. For a detailed view of changes, visit the full release notes.

    Please remember to back up and run migration.

    View the changelog on GitHub

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