• Announcing the Appwrite Squad

    We’re excited to announce our new public Squad, which you, too, can join!

    We already share all of our blogs on the platform, and now we also have a moderated Squad. This will make it easier for you to engage with our content and also share your content with the community.

    Read the announcement to learn more

  • Announcing Appwrite's public roadmap

    We are excited to announce the launch of Appwrite’s public roadmap on GitHub. The new roadmap is part of our commitment to the Appwrite community and our core values of transparency and collaboration. It was one of the most highly requested features by the Appwrite community and will serve as a tool for increased collaboration among the core team, contributors, maintainers, and Appwrite developers.

    Read the announcement to learn more

  • Appwrite 1.5.7 is released

    Appwrite 1.5.7 is released with fixes for Databases, Functions and Console.


    • Fix database exception wrapping

    • Fix exception wrap order

    • Fix membership query to use internalId

    • Fix vcs silent mode

    • Fix function domain permissions

    • Fix tests required for Cloud

    • Fix OAuth error code

    • Fix connection reclaim logic.

    • Fix shared queue name

    • Fix syntax error

    • Fix missing id attribute error

    • Fix tests for CL

    • Fix project deletes for shared tables

    • Handle SQL error code 'HY000' in realtime

    • Fix: Don't Override robots.txt for Other Domains

    • Escape function build command

    • Create failed execution from worker if deployment doesn't exist

    • Fix: admin mode on console

    • Fix file size default limit

    • Fix: Python failing builds

    • Fix shared project delete

    • Fix Textmagic class name

    • Prevent functions domain and subdomain to be added as custom domain

    • Fix don't publish max users exceed

    • Fix invalid cache document id

    • Fix not hiding tokens for clients via realtime


    • Upload 400s to separate error logger

    • Admin mode use teamInternalId

    • Chore: update avatars API

    • Use internal ids for query

    • Remove cloud related scripts

    • Update VCS Comment

    • Transaction and reconnection fixes

    • Feat configurable collections

    • Remove var_dump calls

    • Storage DO adapter http version

    • Update executor version

    • Comment timer tick

    • Update db for relationships and object as array attributes fixes

    • Bump executor version to 0.5.1

    • Update database

    • Reclaim only current connection

    • Match memberships on internal ID

    • Chore: queue retry update

    • Chore task addition

    • Databases.php collection not found

    • Handle string error codes

    • Migration Logging Improvements

    • Remove logger code from avatars.php

    • Update chunk size to 7 MB

    • Shared tables support

    • Ensure namespace is set if override equals shared tables

    • Disable sending realtime stats

    • Increase chunk size to 10 MB

    • Update executor image name to exc-1

    • Catch DB errors on delete

    • Update Logger and migrations, implement sampler.

    • Increase shared tables projects

    • Feat: improve cold start error, merge to cloud

    • Add tests for scheduled functions

    • Remove throw PdoException in Error hook

    • Refactor localdevice injection

    • Usage SMS per country code count

    • GetEnv on worker.php

    • Feat get env

    • Chore: remove compose version

    • Chore update executor host default var

    • Wrap realtime stats in an edition check

    • Update executor image name

    • Feat: improve header demo values

    • Feat: add warning header

    You can update by following the upgrade docs.

    View the changelog on GitHub

  • Announcing new Appwrite AI integrations

    The AI hype is real and will be around for many years to come. In 2021 alone, AI startups worldwide raised nearly $50 billion in venture capital across approximately 1,500 deals, reflecting a significant increase from previous years. So it’s no surprise that many of you are looking to build AI powered applications. But that’s easier said than done, as building AI powered applications can be tricky. We don’t want it to be. That’s why we’re happy to share multiple AI related announcements designed to enhance the Appwrite experience and adapt to new possibilities for devs building with Appwrite.

    • New knowledge base for AI

    • New third party AI integration tutorials

    • New AI-powered Function templates

    Read the announcement to learn more

  • Appwrite Messaging is free for six months

    When we introduced Messaging during Init, we were overwhelmed by the excitement within the Appwrite community. Now we can also announce that Messaging will be free for the next six months.

    Read the announcement to learn more

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