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  • Starter


    For personal hobby projects and students.

    Start building
    • Unlimited projects (never paused)
    • 10GB bandwidth
    • 2GB storage
    • 750K executions
    • 75K monthly active users
    • Community support
    • Non-removable Appwrite branding
    • No Add-ons
    • 1 Database, 3 Buckets, 5 Functions per project
  • Pro

    per member/month

    For pro developers and teams that need to scale their products.

    Everything in Starter plus:

    • 300GB bandwidth
    • 150GB storage
    • 3.5M executions
    • 200K monthly active users
    • Email support
    • Removable Appwrite branding
    • Add-ons
    • Unlimited Databases, Buckets and Functions
  • Scale

    per organization/month

    For scaling teams and agencies that need dedicated support.

    Everything in Starter & Pro plus:

    • 5TB bandwidth
    • 500GB storage
    • 10M executions
    • 500K monthly active users
    • Priority support
    • 14-day log retention
    • Additional organization roles
    • SSO
  • Enterprises

    Coming Soon

    Large scale projects seeking greater performance, collaboration and security.

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  • Open-source teams

    We support OSS maintainers with a free Pro Plan. Get in touch to find out more.

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Bandwidth 10GB 300GB 5TB
Additional bandwidth - $40 per 100GB $40 per 100GB
Storage 2GB 150GB 500GB
Additional storage - $3 per 100GB $3 per 100GB
Compute 750K executions 3.5M executions 10M executions
Number of projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Projects pausing Never Never Never
Organization Members 1 1 Unlimited
Additional Organization members - $15 per member $0
Connected websites and apps 3 per project Unlimited Unlimited
Custom domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No Appwrite branding on emails - yes yes
Webhooks 2 per project Unlimited Unlimited
Logs retention 1 hour 7 days 14 days
Budget caps and alerts Not needed yes yes
Additional organization member roles - - Coming Soon
Users 75,000 monthly active users 200,000 monthly active users 500,000 monthly active users
Additional users - $3 per 1,000 users $3 per 1,000 users
Teams 100 per project Unlimited Unlimited
SSO - - Coming soon
Databases 1 per project Unlimited Unlimited
Documents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reads & Writes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated databases - Coming soon Coming soon
Buckets 3 per project Unlimited Unlimited
File size limit 50MB 5GB 5TB
Image transformations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Functions 5 per project Unlimited Unlimited
Executions 750K 3.5M 10M
Additional executions - $2 per 1 Million $2 per 1 Million
Concurrent connections 250 500 1500
Additional concurrent connections - $5 per 1,000 $5 per 1,000
Messages 3M Unlimited Unlimited
Community yes yes yes
Email - yes yes
Phone - - yes
SLA - - yes
  • When will Appwrite’s paid plans be available?

    It is our aim to release pricing in the midst of Q4 2023. Please do note that this timeline is subject to many factors and, therefore, not set in stone. Everyone with an Appwrite Cloud account will receive a notification when our paid plans are available.

  • Can I still self-host Appwrite for free?

    Yes! Appwrite Self Hosted will always be Open Source and free for you to use. You can find the latest version of Appwrite on our GitHub repository.

  • What will happen to my current account when pricing is available?

    All current Cloud users will be notified about the pricing plans being active. Depending on your situation, you will either need to upgrade your account to a Pro plan, or you can happily continue on a Starter plan. You will receive an email once this occurs.

  • Does Appwrite have a trial period?

    Yes, we offer a 14-day trial period for you to explore Appwrite Pro. After the 14-day trial, you can choose to either subscribe to the Pro plan or continue on a Starter plan.

  • What payment methods does Appwrite support?

    Appwrite currently supports credit and debit card payments. We will be working to constantly add support for more methods. Please reach out to us in case this is an issue for you.

  • What happens if I reach the storage limit in my Pro plan?

    Your project will continue to run, and additional charges will apply. You can find the costs for additional storage under the pricing plans comparsions. We will also notify you when you hit 75% and 100% of your storage with an alert in the dashboard and per email. You can also use our budget tools to avoid unexpected payments.

  • How can I join the OSS program?

    The OSS program is exclusively for active open-source maintainers. In case you are liable for the program, you can apply here.

  • I have a Starter plan account, how do I upgrade to a paid plan?

    In case you want to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so in your Appwrite dashboard, select your organization and change your plan on the Billing section.

Start building today

Start building today

Our plans

  • Starter


    For personal hobby projects and students.

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  • Pro

    per user/month

    For pro developers and teams that need to scale their products.

  • Scale

    per org/month

    For pro developers and production projects that need the ability to scale.

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