Appwrite allows you to configure billing per organization. You can access your organizations billing information under the Billing tab of your organization.


You can view or change your organization's plan under the Billing section. You'll also find the expected cost, as well as the start and end date of the current billing period.

Billing period

Billing periods begin the day you change your plan, and lasts 30 days. You resource limits are reset at the beginning of each billing period and you will be billed for your plan and usage on the last day of each billing period.

Payment history

You can view and download you past invoices under Payment history. You can click the three-dots menu to view and download your invoices.

Payment methods

Appwrite Cloud accepts credit and debit cards as payment methods and will bill the card at the end of each billing cycle. Appwrite accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners Club, China UnionPay, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), Cartes Bancairies, and eftpos Australia.

Billing addresss

Your billing address will be displayed on your invoices and used when Appwrite Cloud bills your payment method at the end of a billing cycle.

Tax ID

If you'd like you or your company's tax ID displayed on your generated invoice, you can provide it under Tax ID.

Budget cap

Appwrite allows you to set budget caps when on your organizations. Appwrite will automatically scale your projects by purchasing add-ons as they require more resources. Budget caps limit the amount of automatic scaling and prevent unexpected bills. This budget cap does not include the plan's recurring cost, only add-ons.

You can enable budget caps under Budget cap, toggle the option Enable budget cap. You will be able to set a budget cap in USD.

Budget alerts

When you enable budget cap, you'll be able to configure alerts under Budget alerts to warn you when you organization is near the budget cap. By default, an email alert will be sent at 75% of the budget cap. You can add up to three check points that send budget alerts when reached.

Redeem credit

If you received a redeemable code for Appwrite Cloud credits, you can redeem them in the Available credit section. When you redeem credit, the credit balance will be automatically applied to the next billing cycle.

Recurring payments for Indian developers

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) mandates additional security measures for recurring payments on Indian cards. Appwrite is obligated to ask for verification before billing your card. Appwrite asks for verification for up to $150 in case you use add-ons. Confirming the verification will not charge your card. When you are charged at the end of the billing period, you will not be charged more than your monthly plan plus add-ons used.

If you set a budget cap, the verification will remain at $150, but the budget cap will still be applied for your add-ons. Again, you will not be charged when confirming the verification. When you are charged at the end of the billing period, you will not be charged more than your monthly plan plus add-ons used.

If you need higher limits, contact us.