Function calling via postman doesn't work

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10 Jul, 2024, 05:46

Hi there. I would like to call a function in the cloud via postrman with a users only permission but I get user_unauthorized. Cookies are not applying to the invocation cuz the function comes with a different domain name. I tried to use X-Appwrite-JWT I generated via v1/account/jwt however it doesn't help.

How can I invoke a function as a loggined user via postman? Thanks

Issue: Developer unable to call a cloud function using Postman, getting 'user_unauthorized' error due to cookies not applying to cross-domain function invocation. Solution: Use X-Appwrite-JWT generated via v1/account/jwt in Postman headers to authenticate and invoke the function as a logged-in user.
10 Jul, 2024, 05:48

What headers did you use for setting cookies? How did you access the cookies?

10 Jul, 2024, 05:54

@darShan Thanks for the quick answering,

Here's a header I've been using for my cloud function calling

Cookie: a_session_[redacted]_legacy=[redacted];a_session_[redacted]=[redacted]
10 Jul, 2024, 05:55

P.S. X-Appwrite-Project has been set as well


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