Are we using latest OpenRuntime versions?

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9 Jul, 2024, 00:10

I see in OpenRuntimes repo there's support for context.res.binary , but when I try to access it in AppWrite, there's no context.res.binary.

I've tried adding and removing the runtime, is there a way to specify exact runtime image versions?

Developers wonder if the latest OpenRuntime versions are being used, specifically for streaming support. The current version being used does not support `res.binary`. The context object can be found here: <>. While the OpenRuntimes repo does support `context.res.binary`, it is not accessible in AppWrite. The developers have tested adding and removing the runtime, and are looking for a way to specify exact runtime image versions.
9 Jul, 2024, 00:33

Yes, the current version doesn't support the res.binary You can see the current context here

9 Jul, 2024, 00:47

I feel like maybe not now, but in the future it should be updated when openruntime adds streaming support:


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