Appwrite Fucntion req.get('authorization') Not Working

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14 Apr, 2024, 00:23

Hello guys, from the api docuation of, it is stated that to recieve webhook the `req.get('authorization') will need to be called, but calling it in Appwrite Cloud function its outputting

    at Module.default (file:///usr/local/server/src/function/src/main.js:29:48)
    at execute (/usr/local/server/src/server.js:157:48)
    at async action (/usr/local/server/src/server.js:174:13)
    at async /usr/local/server/src/server.js:10:9```

 How can this be resolved?
Appwrite developers are facing an issue with the `req.get('authorization')` function in Appwrite Cloud functions. The proper way to access the authorization header in Appwrite is through `req.headers["Authorization"]`. This method is different from Express. Check the Appwrite Functions documentation for more clarity on request handling.
14 Apr, 2024, 00:35

The request object in Appwrite Functions is slightly different to what would normally be expected in Express, this might give a clearer idea as to what you're looking for

14 Apr, 2024, 00:37

It looks like it's trying to get the value of the authorization header which I think is done like this

const authorization = req.headers["Authorization"];

I'm not sure if that's 100% correct as I'm trying to do it from memory but the link I sent will give a much better idea as to what you need to be doing


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