Getting network request failed error

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2 Apr, 2024, 20:21

Hello there , I am working on a project which has a sign up and a login form , and when I click the submit button , it says network request failed, it was working fine a couple hours ago , but is not working now .

Most developers are experiencing network request failed errors due to ongoing cloud issues. Monitor the designated channel for updates.
2 Apr, 2024, 20:25

okay thanks man

Anas Siddiqui
2 Apr, 2024, 20:47

I am also getting the same issue

2 Apr, 2024, 20:48

Have you not seen the message I sent prior? Cloud is having issues.

Anas Siddiqui
2 Apr, 2024, 20:49

So sorry bro I just see this

2 Apr, 2024, 20:49

ok im also getting the same issue

Anas Siddiqui
2 Apr, 2024, 20:50

@telemetry oh

2 Apr, 2024, 20:50

It is known, they are working on it. Please monitor the cloud channel for updated.

Anas Siddiqui
2 Apr, 2024, 20:50

@Kenny 🫡

2 Apr, 2024, 21:37

Same here

2 Apr, 2024, 21:39

Most people will get this issue since cloud is having issues, no need to put anything here. Just monitor the #🌩│cloud-beta channel.


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