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Announcing Appwrite’s Startups program

A new program that caters to the needs of startups and their Founders, CTOs, and engineering teams.

At Appwrite, we want to empower developers to build the future, and startups are at the forefront of innovation and shaping this future. Therefore, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Appwrite Startups program, a new program that supports startups on their journey. We’ve designed the program to fit the needs of Founders, CTOs, and engineering teams.

As a founder, I know firsthand the challenges you face when building a company from scratch. The journey is hard and full of uncertainties, with great possibilities and also great risks. With our new program, we’ve set a goal of optimizing Appwrite for startups and their teams, reducing risk, increasing reassurance, and setting engineering teams up for assured success.

Whether you are a technical founder or not, our goal is to help you build your company by providing you with a solid backend platform that will enable you to grow but also a platform that provides the team with the reassurance they need during different cycles of building their solutions.

The program

The Appwrite Startups Program helps startups reduce their infrastructure costs and risks at a crucial moment in their journey. Members of the program will benefit from everything Appwrite Cloud has to offer. On top of that, we’ve added dedicated features tailored to the needs of startups.

Startups need to move fast, be flexible, be ready to scale, and rely on solid foundations. Backend as a Service platform fits these needs rather well, but with Appwrite, we have taken it one step further by introducing this program.

With it, we aim to fulfill the need for price flexibility, day-to-day support, expertise, and dedicated resources. We’ve been working with startups, talking to founders and founding engineering teams, and working together to build a program that sets young companies up for success.

The benefits

Appwrite Pro

All program participants will receive an Appwrite Pro subscription, with all the features of Pro enabled for any number of developers the team needs.

Cloud credits

All program participants will receive Cloud credits. This will allow your team to grow with peace of mind.

Priority support

All program participants will enjoy premium email support from our team and a dedicated Discord channel with access to our engineering team, including a support engineer.

Program manager

All program participants will enjoy access to our program managers. Our program managers constantly provide resources and ensure the success of our program members. Your success is our success, and our program managers are there to help make that equation true.

Appwrite Cloud

Benefit from everything Appwrite Cloud has to offer. Ship faster, scale effortlessly, reduce engineering costs, build on solid foundations, and enjoy our suite of security capabilities. Focus on what matters most to you and give your users the best experience they deserve.

Power of open source community

Join a growing community of developers and founders who use Appwrite to build their products. Gain access to a wealth of knowledge, support, and shared experiences to help navigate the challenges of startup growth.

How to apply

To join the program, you must be VC-backed or have a $500k ARR, and your company has to be established within the last decade.

Visit our dedicated startups program page to learn more and apply. If you have questions, please reach out to us.


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