Error Creating User: AppwriteException: Invalid 'url' param: URL host must be one of: localhost ...

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10 Jul, 2024, 18:33

I'm working on authenticating a user for my expo app.

While the error does imply the error was in creating the user, the user is indeed created as I can see in the console.  My code looks like this: 

 export const createUser = async (email, password) => {
    try {
        const newAccount = await account.create(ID.unique(), email, password);
        if (!newAccount) throw Error('Error creating user');
        // login the user
        await Login(email, password);
        // Send verification email
        console.log('login compl')
        const verify = await account.createVerification('bookquest://(auth)/verify');

        return newAccount;
    } catch (error) {
        throw new Error(error);

// signin
export const Login = async (email, password) => {
    try {
        const session = await account.createEmailPasswordSession(email, password);
        return session;
    } catch (error) {
        throw new Error(error)

The terminal  looks like this: 

 iOS Bundled 278ms node_modules/expo-router/entry.js (1 module) LOG login compl LOG [AppwriteException: Invalid url param: URL host must be one of: localhost,,]```

Would appreciate some guidance as I am stuck and really would like to move forward with my project

Error message indicates issue with 'url' parameter hosted on specified URLs like localhost,, Check if the hostname in project platform list. User is created, so the issue is not there. Code snippet provided. Error occurs during verification step for user authentication in expo app. Solution: Verify if 'bookquest://(auth)/verify' in list, or modify code as needed.
10 Jul, 2024, 18:38

I believe it has to do with your create verification step.

10 Jul, 2024, 18:38

This is from the docs

Only URLs from hostnames in your project platform list are allowed.


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