Custom template and domain in authentication mail

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10 Jul, 2024, 17:48

how can I make sure that the email authentication and email otp mails have custom template and my domain instead of

Developers are asking about limits for authentication emails on the free tier using Mailgun. Upgrading to the Pro plan in Cloud allows for changing the domain and using a custom SMTP provider for authentication emails. Custom templates and domains for email authentication and OTP mails need the Pro plan to change from the default domain.
10 Jul, 2024, 17:49

I think custom smtp and templates require Pro Plan on Cloud.

10 Jul, 2024, 17:50

okay, got it, so in PRO plan can we change the domain as well or use our own SMTP provider

10 Jul, 2024, 17:52

is there any limits on authentication mails in free tier, it is using mailgun for that


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