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10 Jul, 2024, 17:45

Hi, I created an appointment booking app using nextjs. For that I used node-appwrite as the sdk for backend, databases, sms notifications and registering users. The problem comes when I want to login them, I can't find the appropriate function to create user session. Also, can we use both appwrite-web sdk and node-appwrite simultaneously in the same app because i found the web-auth to be more straight-forward but i cannot migrate to it because i want to use sms functionality using node-appwrite and twilio

Also I ran into this error when i tried to use web sdk


Developers are having trouble creating a user session for a login system using node-appwrite. They also want to know if they can use both node-appwrite and appwrite-web SDKs in the same app. They encountered an error when using the web SDK. Solution: To create a user session for login, developers can use the function provided by appwrite. They can use both the node-appwrite and appwrite-web SDKs in the same app. Check the error message for the issue with the web SDK and troubleshoot accordingly.

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