Dart Function Deployment Fail

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10 Jul, 2024, 09:09

Trying to update a cloud function and get the attached error. No errors show up in VS Code, reviewed the code a few times. A previous version of the function is currently deployed and working. Made some minor enhancements and dependency updates and now it wont deploy :/ ..

Running Selfhosted - Appwrite 1.5.7

Developers are having issues deploying a Dart function, even after trying different methods like cli and git deployment. They suspect it might not be related to the function itself. Rebooting the container didn't resolve the issue. The error occurs when updating a cloud function in Appwrite 1.5.7.
10 Jul, 2024, 09:23

just commented out the whole function and tried to deploy and still get the same error :/ dont think it has anything to be with the function itself. Rebooted the container and still not dice

10 Jul, 2024, 09:32

could you post the function code? is the entrypoint correct?

Mosh Ontong
10 Jul, 2024, 09:49

Did you deploy it through cli or git?


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