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19 May, 2024, 11:28

Hi all, not a question but just want to share my experience. I followed the SSR OAuth tutorial on here:

However, when setting cookies; I had to use sameSite: "lax" to make it work upon redirect. Otherwise, if using sameSite: "strict , when return from Google/Github etc, the hooks.server.js called with no user in locals, but have to manual refresh to make it work to call createSessionClient.

So if anyone following that tutorial and wondering why on return to /account, it doesn't show any user details or locals.user is empty, or return 401, then change sameSite: "strict" to sameSite: "lax".

At the same time, if I'm doing something wrong here, let me know!

Developers discussing OAuth SvelteKit SSR tutorial experienced issues with cookies not working upon redirect. Changing `sameSite` from `"strict"` to `"lax"` fixed the problem of `locals.user` being empty on return to `/account`.

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