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18 May, 2024, 21:05

Hello, I want to implement server side listDocument (listed) and getDocument (detail) with authentication JWT.

For listDocument, authentication with JWT successfully but for getDocument, it's always return user_unauthorized.

I was make sure the user who want to get document have privileged to see document.

Even the document set permission to Any, it's same return user_unauthorized

Developers are encountering an issue where they are unable to retrieve a specific document with JWT authentication due to unauthorized access, despite ensuring that the user has the necessary privileges. The issue persists even when setting permissions to 'Any'.
18 May, 2024, 21:16

Does the collection for that document have any relationship attributes?

18 May, 2024, 21:35

Yes, they have

18 May, 2024, 21:38

Owh,, I see.

18 May, 2024, 21:38

Because that document have relationship to other collection who not have permission.


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