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3 Apr, 2024, 09:49

hello everybody, i need quick assistant on setting the custom email template body. i see in appwrite console the template area and their i see that i can set these values ``<p>{{emails.mfaChallenge.hello}},</p>

<p>{{emails.mfaChallenge.body}}</p> <p><a href="{{redirect}}" target="_blank">{{redirect}}</a></p> <p>{{emails.mfaChallenge.footer}}</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 32px"> {{emails.mfaChallenge.thanks}}, <br/> {{emails.mfaChallenge.signature}} </p>`` but where do i set for example {{emails.mfaChallenge.body}} do i set it hier directly or where? and maybe also can somebody explain me the process from the setting of smtp, custom template for different languages. for example how it work when i have app and the app is in 2 different languages english and german. How do i set the template for these two lanuages with custom content?
Developers are looking to set up custom email templates in Appwrite. They are unsure of where to directly set the template values like {{emails.mfaChallenge.body}}. Additionally, they need guidance on setting up custom email templates for multiple languages and how it integrates with SMTP settings. Solution: To set the custom template values, developers need to define them in the Appwrite console's 'Template' area. To handle multiple languages, developers can create language-specific templates with custom content and configure language selection based on user settings or application logic.

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