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3 Apr, 2024, 00:47

Getting a 500 error in some of my collections, suspecting it's because of a relationship error caused by another collection that I have now deleted (but the error persists)

500 internal error message, concerns about stuck attribute causing issues. Relationship feature is experimental. No way to restore, may need to recreate the collection. Solution: Recreate the collection. Improvements being made, expected release in a couple of weeks. Suspected relationship error causing the 500 error.
3 Apr, 2024, 00:50

You might need to recreate the collection 😕

Btw, we worked on improving stuff like this and should be released on cloud in a couple weeks

3 Apr, 2024, 00:55

Really? There's no way to restore/fix this?

3 Apr, 2024, 00:55

How can I avoid that this happens in the future? These were my biggest/most important collections

3 Apr, 2024, 00:57

Not really.

3 Apr, 2024, 00:58

Does the stuck attribute cause any problems?

What's the 500 from?

Also, keep in mind relationships is experimental


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