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2 Apr, 2024, 20:02

Hello, I would like to know why, using the "appwrite/appwrite:latest" Docker image, there is an error connecting to the database (Redis). Doesn't the Appwrite/appwrite:latest image already contain a working Redis server ?

Developers facing connection errors with Redis while using the "appwrite/appwrite:latest" Docker image. They inquired about the included Redis server and the setup process. The solution involves setting up 22 containers manually or using a one-liner in the CLI as per Appwrite documentation: <>. Additionally, they asked if Portainer was being utilized for the setup.
2 Apr, 2024, 20:49

How've you setup Appwrite?

2 Apr, 2024, 20:49

Are you using something like Portainer?

2 Apr, 2024, 20:52

Appwrite is composed of 22 containers, either you'll need to set each one of them manually or run the oneliner in the cli

2 Apr, 2024, 21:08

I'm doing some tests and I'll come back to you if I don't succeed.


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