Query on Datetime attribute by server time

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2 Apr, 2024, 13:33

Is there a way to query database documents by the server time (e.g. "now()")? Querying by the client time (e.g. seems a bit unreliable and is not useable where the current time really matters, like expiration dates.

Developers are discussing the best practice for saving datetimes in the database. They are debating whether to save datetimes in UTC or convert local time to UTC before saving. There is a query about how to retrieve database documents by the server time (e.g. "now()") rather than the client time (e.g. for cases where current time accuracy is crucial.
2 Apr, 2024, 13:40

No. Although you proxy through a Function?

2 Apr, 2024, 13:50

Should you save datetimes in your DB as UTC and convert local time to UTC?


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