[SOLVED] The function 'Databases' isn't defined.

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2 Apr, 2024, 11:13

Using Dart SDK I get "The function 'Databases' isn't defined." error when trying Databases(client). I import 'package:dart_appwrite/dart_appwrite.dart' and User(client) works but not Databases. What am I missing?

[SOLVED] User error - outdated sdk version was the issue. Updated to the latest version and now the code works properly.
2 Apr, 2024, 11:18

Oh never mind, user error. For some reason I had old sdk version as a dependency. Updated to latest and it seems to work now.

2 Apr, 2024, 11:19

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2 Apr, 2024, 11:21

[SOLVED] The function 'Databases' isn't defined.


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