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12 Feb, 2024, 22:16

Hey am building an app with react native/expo and planning on using Graphql. What should I set the platform as for my app I see no react as platform

Developers are asking how to set the platform for their react native/expo app when using Graphql. They mention needing platforms for iOS and Android, but are unsure about how reactive/expo handles CORS. They also mention not seeing "react" as a platform option.
12 Feb, 2024, 22:29

Well, it depends on what platforms you plan to deploy to, if you're creating a react native application for IOS then the apple one?

12 Feb, 2024, 22:47

am creating it for android and iOS

12 Feb, 2024, 22:48

I think you will need to set 2 platforms: one for iOS and other for Android but no idea how reactive/expo handles CORS


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