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12 Feb, 2024, 19:55

hi , i have a problem with my app , when i am trying to login using appwrite methods like createEmailSession , i get this problem

AppwriteException: Network request failed at Client.eval (webpack-internal:///(app-pages-browser)/./node_modules/appwrite/dist/esm/sdk.js:279:23) at Generator.throw (<anonymous>) at rejected (webpack-internal:///(app-pages-browser)/./node_modules/appwrite/dist/esm/sdk.js:51:40) main.js?attr=ML3dXCjRcTDIz2yt6bxJVIpLvlB74uecdzK0G6PnPZx3hOKug59n68cYLHjWnhcV: GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

, and when i use vpn it works out ,the same thing when am trying to go to my appwrite cloud

Issue: The developer is encountering a network request error when attempting to use Appwrite methods, specifically createEmailSession and accessing their Appwrite cloud. The error message suggests a network connection issue, which is not present when using a VPN. Solution: The problem most likely lies with the developer's network connection rather than the Appwrite SDK itself. They should troubleshoot their network connectivity and investigate any potential firewall or network configuration issues that might be causing the error. Using a VPN is a temporary workaround, but not a permanent solution.

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