How to prevent users from creating new teams and prevent abusing it?

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12 Feb, 2024, 11:59

Hi everyone!

On the client side it's possible for users to easily create a new team by using the following code:

teams.create(teamId: '9239823982323', name: 'name');

In theory it'd be possible for users to spam the Appwrite environment with new teams. Imagine an infinite loop like this:

   teams.create(teamId: 'unique()', name: 'name');

Does anyone know if there's a way to prevent users from creating new teams?
Hey developers! It seems like there's a concern about users being able to create new teams and potentially abuse the feature. The code example provided shows how users can create teams easily. To prevent this, you can implement a solution by adding a check on the server-side before allowing team creation. This way, you can control who has the permission to create teams.

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