Custom domain blocked by verification (self hosted)

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12 Feb, 2024, 00:22

I am hosting appwrite on a digital ocean droplet. I have a domain and added this to point at my droplet.

Then added a subdomain "CNAME" which is now an alias of and added to the APP_DOMAIN_TARGET variable in the appwrite .env

Then added another CNAME which is an alias of I got an OK verification status but the certificate status says "Blocked by verification"

Support Thread: Developers are hosting their appwrite on a digital ocean droplet. They have a custom domain, ``, and have added a subdomain, ``, as an alias and pointed it to their droplet. They also added another alias, ``, which points to ``. The developers have encountered a problem where the certificate status is displayed as "Blocked by verification" despite having an OK verification status. Solution: The developers should ensure that the verification process for the custom domain and subdomains is completed correctly. They may need to double-check their DNS settings and ensure

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