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Appwrite 1.5.7 is released

Appwrite 1.5.7 is released with fixes for Databases, Functions and Console.


  • Fix database exception wrapping

  • Fix exception wrap order

  • Fix membership query to use internalId

  • Fix vcs silent mode

  • Fix function domain permissions

  • Fix tests required for Cloud

  • Fix OAuth error code

  • Fix connection reclaim logic.

  • Fix shared queue name

  • Fix syntax error

  • Fix missing id attribute error

  • Fix tests for CL

  • Fix project deletes for shared tables

  • Handle SQL error code 'HY000' in realtime

  • Fix: Don't Override robots.txt for Other Domains

  • Escape function build command

  • Create failed execution from worker if deployment doesn't exist

  • Fix: admin mode on console

  • Fix file size default limit

  • Fix: Python failing builds

  • Fix shared project delete

  • Fix Textmagic class name

  • Prevent functions domain and subdomain to be added as custom domain

  • Fix don't publish max users exceed

  • Fix invalid cache document id

  • Fix not hiding tokens for clients via realtime


  • Upload 400s to separate error logger

  • Admin mode use teamInternalId

  • Chore: update avatars API

  • Use internal ids for query

  • Remove cloud related scripts

  • Update VCS Comment

  • Transaction and reconnection fixes

  • Feat configurable collections

  • Remove var_dump calls

  • Storage DO adapter http version

  • Update executor version

  • Comment timer tick

  • Update db for relationships and object as array attributes fixes

  • Bump executor version to 0.5.1

  • Update database

  • Reclaim only current connection

  • Match memberships on internal ID

  • Chore: queue retry update

  • Chore task addition

  • Databases.php collection not found

  • Handle string error codes

  • Migration Logging Improvements

  • Remove logger code from avatars.php

  • Update chunk size to 7 MB

  • Shared tables support

  • Ensure namespace is set if override equals shared tables

  • Disable sending realtime stats

  • Increase chunk size to 10 MB

  • Update executor image name to exc-1

  • Catch DB errors on delete

  • Update Logger and migrations, implement sampler.

  • Increase shared tables projects

  • Feat: improve cold start error, merge to cloud

  • Add tests for scheduled functions

  • Remove throw PdoException in Error hook

  • Refactor localdevice injection

  • Usage SMS per country code count

  • GetEnv on worker.php

  • Feat get env

  • Chore: remove compose version

  • Chore update executor host default var

  • Wrap realtime stats in an edition check

  • Update executor image name

  • Feat: improve header demo values

  • Feat: add warning header

You can update by following the upgrade docs.

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