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Appwrite 1.5.5 is released

Appwrite 1.5.5 is released with fixes for Databases, MFA, and Console.


  • Array updates where elements are removed do not work.

  • Change SMS verification message to only have the OTP

  • Add missing 'apis' attribute to projects collection

  • Fix wrong refresh var for Autodesk OAuth 2 provider

  • Remove a redundant call to fetch the topic document again by @ItzNotABug

  • Fixed rate-limit problems for chunked uploads

  • Fix delete message event not firing

  • Fix worker crash when using custom SMTP provider

  • Fix MFA recovery code removal

  • Add recovery code to List factors

  • Fix MFA challenge type check

  • Delete related attributes on delete collection

  • Fix delete MFA authenticator response model

  • Fix MFA with admin mode (Server SDKs)

Experience improvements:

  • New recoverycode added to the list of MFA factors, making it easier to implement drop-downs and selectors for MFA factors.

Console fixes:

  • Bump console to version 4.0.6

  • Infinite redirects to verify page when MFA is enabled on Console.

  • Attribute state not properly reflected in Console.

  • Missing file extension validation on Function form.

  • Add new locale Taiwan (TW) by @xuelink

  • Add Hong Kong (HK) to locales @deanurag

  • Add French Polynesia flag


  • Enable auto-upgrade for MariaDB container

  • Update getEnv to use system lib

You can update by following the upgrade docs.

Note that upgrading from 1.5.x -> 1.5.5 requires running migration. For a detailed view of changes, visit the full release notes.

Please remember to back up and run migration.

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