Letting AppWrite take care of generating User IDs?

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10 Jul, 2024, 18:36

Heyo! When creating a user from the client, it currently wants the user ID to use from the client. I don't think I need to explain why this is maybe a bad idea (Don't let the client do literally anything that's not needed.) Is there anyway I can leave AppWrite to do the generating?

Developers seek a way to prevent users from meddling with code by generating IDs on AppWrite server instead of client-side. Solution: Import `ID.unique()` and use it for the user ID generation on the server.
10 Jul, 2024, 18:44

import ID.unique() and use that for the user id.

10 Jul, 2024, 18:45

Well yeah, but I want that to happen on the AppWrite server instead of on the client

10 Jul, 2024, 18:46

pass the literal string "unique()"

10 Jul, 2024, 18:46

This actually generates the ID client-side now

10 Jul, 2024, 18:47

Gotcha, thank you

10 Jul, 2024, 18:47

but, then again, they could not pass that string and pass whatever they want instead.

If you really care about it, don't call createDocument() client-side. Expose a function, instead

10 Jul, 2024, 18:49

This is mostly just to stop people who have no idea what they're doing from poking at my code, not really a security measure lol

10 Jul, 2024, 18:52

so what's the problem with using ID.unique()?

10 Jul, 2024, 18:54

It's not really per say a problem, I've just watched way too many people go to the network tab, spot that it's sending the ID to be created and leaving creative messages in there, only to request support 5 seconds later. This won't stop them, but it'll hopefully less annoying.


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