How to resolve message": "Invalid `success` param: URL host must be one of: localhost, cloud.appwrit

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22 Jun, 2024, 03:34

Hello, when setting up Appwrite initially I used localhost:3000 as my URL, and now that I am trying to deploy I got an error:

message": "Invalid `success` param: URL host must be one of: localhost,,
``` . How can I fix this?
Developers are experiencing an error with the message "Invalid `success` param: URL host must be one of: localhost,," The solution is to ensure the success URL is set to a valid hostname without a port, such as `localhost` or ``. They should not include unnecessary information like `` or `localhost:3000`.
22 Jun, 2024, 03:36

What do you mean you used that as a url?

What's your code?

22 Jun, 2024, 03:40

Sorry, I meant hostname

22 Jun, 2024, 03:41

You mean you added a web platform? It should be a hostname only. No port. That said, you don't need to add localhost.

Again, whats your code?

22 Jun, 2024, 03:43
22 Jun, 2024, 03:47

Again, you don't need to add localhost

22 Jun, 2024, 03:48

You put for the oauth success and failure URLs. Did you add that as a web platform?

22 Jun, 2024, 03:58

yes, and the domain was added for the success and failure URLs. I don't understand why the error persists though

22 Jun, 2024, 03:59

Sorry about the question as I am super new to Appwrite


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