sdk.js:267 Uncaught (in promise) AppwriteException: Invalid `documentId` param: UID must contain at

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11 Feb, 2024, 13:38
    console.log("id we want to sent " + id);
    try {
        Query.equal("user", id),
          balance: balance,
    } catch (error) {
      console.log("updatebalance error: " + error);

 const receiverId =;   const amount = Number(formData.balance);

I need to update the the balance field in balance collection using user field which id id but having this error why ? I'm getting the id user id form input from user

The developer is encountering an error when attempting to update the balance field in the balance collection using the user ID inputted by a user. The error message suggests that the `documentId` parameter is invalid. The error specifically mentions that the UID must contain the characters "at". The solution would be to ensure that the user ID being passed as the `id` parameter contains the necessary characters. It's likely that the developer needs to append the missing characters to the user ID before using it in the `updateDocument` method.

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