Function subsubdomains, DNS PROBE

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11 Feb, 2024, 10:49

I want to ask if the subsubdomains in functions do need to be added to dns, as i have 404 on each of the subsubdomains e.g. the automaticly generated subdomain would return DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN for me.

To make wildcard function domains work, you need to add two additional records: `` and `*` with the same configuration as your `` record. If you want wildcard certificates to work, you'll need to set up Traefik to do DNS challenge with your provider. For self-hosted setups, it's recommended to manually generate an SSL certificate for your custom domains using the command `docker compose exec appwrite ssl --domain=""`. This only needs to be done once and will renew automatically. To resolve the issue with
11 Feb, 2024, 10:51

i have only routed A record, should i be adding something else ?

11 Feb, 2024, 10:52

Function subsubdomains, DNS PROBE

11 Feb, 2024, 10:59

For wildcard function domains to work, you need 2 more records:

  1. and * Both should have same configuration as your

If you need wildcard certificates to work, thats a bit more tricky as you would need to setup Traefik to do DNS challenge with your provider. What I would recommend for self-hosted is to manually generate ssl certificate for your custom domains. This only needs to be done once for every domai, and it will keep renewing automatically. The command is docker compose exec appwrite ssl --domain=""


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