Migration to Self-Hosted isn't working on instances of Appwrite Cloud that exceed the limits

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11 Feb, 2024, 04:28

The title says it all, but I have been trying to migrate all of my projects that exceed the limits for the starter plan to a self hosted instance and I haven't gotten it to work at all. I have however gotten new projects in Appwrite Cloud with tons of different stuff added to them, to migrate perfectly.

This is the error I get when trying to migrate one of those projects

Issue: Unable to migrate projects exceeding limits from Appwrite Cloud to self-hosted instance. Solution: 1. Check the logs of the Appwrite instances, including the appwrite container and migration worker container, for any errors. 2. Ensure that all the projects are in the same organization. 3. Investigate the error received during the migration process and troubleshoot accordingly.
11 Feb, 2024, 04:40

Are all your projects in the same organization?

11 Feb, 2024, 04:41


11 Feb, 2024, 04:43

I would expect it to work then...can you see what the error is in the logs of your appwrite instance? Maybe the migration worker? Or appwrite container?

11 Feb, 2024, 04:51

Well in the browser the report query gets a 504 Timeout and in the Appwrite containers logs it has no errors same with the migration worker container


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