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Appwrite Decoded: Dylan Graham

In this blog, we hear from our finance and operations lead, Dylan Graham.

The team behind Appwrite is spread across the globe and works together daily in different time zones. We’re proud of the remote and open-source culture the team has built so far. In Appwrite Decoded, we introduce the people behind the code and celebrate them.

In this blog, we will take you through our operations and finance lead’s career journey, Dylan Graham, whose experiences are as diverse as the Appwrite team.

Landing the perfect role

After a gap year in post-secondary school, Dylan ventured through various fields, from safety operations to roles he never imagined would lead him to where he stands today.

"Discovering Appwrite was a turning point, where my past experiences perfectly blended into my role here.”

Despite his unfamiliarity with the tech environment, Appwrite's mission quickly captivated him.

"It’s more intriguing than I initially thought.”

Dylan’s favorite aspect of his job is the unity and excitement of Appwrite camps, with Camp 3.0 in New York holding a special place in his heart. Despite the bureaucratic hurdles of bringing together a global team, the satisfaction of a successful camp is unmatched.

Appwrite team at Camp 3.0

"Organizing and planning these gatherings is what I thrive on.”

Beyond the logistics, Dylan values the cultural insights and personal stories shared among the team.

"It’s a window into worlds I’d never have encountered elsewhere.”

The vibe at Appwrite? It's laid-back yet focused.

“We're all about enjoying our work while making sure we’re hitting our goals.”

Whether it’s putting together videos in one day or setting up a mini-camp for a handful of people in record time, the team makes it happen.

“It's this blend of fun and determination that makes working here so special.”

The core of teamwork

A solid trust in teamwork is at the heart of Dylan’s philosophy and the culture of Appwrite.

"There’s no one on this team I wouldn't trust."

But this trust isn't just words. It's evident in the real improvements and new ideas that have come to life during his time here. From making it easier to request swag to simplifying travel organisation, the operations team has made changes that help Appwrite run more smoothly.

Dylan sums up Appwrite with three simple but powerful words: collaboration, inspiration, and fun. For him, collaboration is key.

"It's all about us coming together, from different parts of the world, to do something great.”

Appwrite is more than just a place to work. Appwrite inspires and motivates the team and people in the community to start their own projects. And despite the hard work, having fun is always part of the day.

"Yes, we work hard, but making sure we all have fun doing what we love is just as important."

Keeping Dylan on his toes is the daily challenge of his role, whether figuring out the intricacies of legal paperwork or setting up events with little notice.

"It pushes me to go beyond what's comfortable and tackle something new.”

And when things get tricky or the workload piles up, the supportive atmosphere at Appwrite really stands out.

"I know I can always ask for help or clarification, no matter how many questions I have, to overcome any hurdle."

Remote rhythms and career crescendos

Navigating the remote work landscape, Dylan admits there’s a bittersweet note to not meeting teammates in person as often as he'd like.

"But then, we have our twice-a-year get-togethers, which are total game-changers."

Swapping office life for the flexibility of remote work hasn't slowed him down. In fact, it’s opened up new possibilities. Now, he gets to blend work with personal activities, like hitting the gym whenever he feels like it.

"Honestly, the upsides are way too good."

Dylan’s pro tip for remote work? Treat communication tools as your virtual office space and keep the chats flowing.

"It makes everything feel more connected and a lot less isolated."

Appwrite team at Camp 3.0 in New York

His ascent to operations leader was unexpected but embraced. Initially stepping in as a temporary fix, it wasn't long before the opportunity to lead became permanent, thanks to Eldad's vote of confidence.

"I'm really grateful and excited about where my career's headed.”

Looking ahead, he's planning to take an accounting course to broaden his skill set, a step towards understanding the financial aspects of his role better.

To those dreaming of joining the team, Dylan’s advice is refreshingly straightforward:

"Just be yourself."

In the world of Appwrite, being genuine beats everything else. We’re all about keeping it real and valuing honesty way more than just seeming perfect.

"No need for masks, start as you mean to go on: genuine and straightforward."

For those looking into the operations side of things, Dylan can’t stress enough how important it is to be friendly and effective at getting your point across.

"Sure, the to-do list can get pretty long, but the feeling of nailing it? Unbeatable."

He believes in taking your time and being naturally curious.

"Chaos comes with the territory. But don’t let it stop you from asking all the questions you need."

From embracing the remote work lifestyle to leading operations with curiosity and openness, Dylan reflects what Appwrite is all about. His story is a testament to the strength of authenticity, the importance of teamwork, and the endless possibilities that come from saying “yes” to challenges and growth. For Dylan, Appwrite isn’t just a workplace. It’s a platform for personal and professional evolution, where every day is a new adventure.

If you’re looking to learn more about Dylan or connect with him, visit his social profiles:

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