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10 Jul, 2024, 14:59

I have 2 domains pointing to the same Appwrite instance. I am trying to add the third URL to point to the same Appwrite instance, but it only shows "Hello, World!". Where is this from? The 3 nginx conf files have the same configuration. I have also checked the appwrite logs, and it shows the following: 2024-07-10T14:54:59.708978747Z Warning: Swoole\Http\Response::write(): You have set 'Transfer-Encoding', 'Content-Length' is ignored in /usr/src/code/vendor/utopia-php/swoole/src/Swoole/Response.php on line 34

Developers are trying to add a third domain to their Appwrite instance, but only see "Hello, World!". The issue may be related to conflicting configurations in the 3 nginx conf files. They have also noticed a warning in the appwrite logs related to 'Transfer-Encoding' and 'Content-Length' being ignored.

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