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Three important steps you need to complete before setting up your first Appwrite project

Are you getting errors when setting up your first project in Appwrite? Take a look at these steps.

When creating a new project, there are three important things you need to do to ensure you have things set up properly and can connect to your Appwrite backend.

Forgetting to complete one of these steps will result in errors later when trying to make your first request, so let’s jump in and see what they are so things are set up properly for your next project.

1 - Add a platform

After creating a new project in the Appwrite console, you’ll need to add a platform in order to connect an SDK. You can add a platform from the “overview” tab under the “Add a platform” section. From here, you’ll need to choose between one of the four client-side SDK’s or generate an API key with a server-side SDK.

If you’re adding an API key to use one of the server SDK’s, you’ll be asked to set scopes for the key. This sets permissions, allowing us to dictate what permissions this API key has over certain parts of our application.

Appwrite Console adding a platform

2 - Add a hostname

When using the Web SDK, you’ll need to set a hostname. This just tells Appwrite what origin you’ll be connecting from. Failing to set the right hostname will result in CORS error later, so be sure you pay attention when setting this. I just put out a full video and article on this topic, so be sure to check that out if you have questions or face any problems.


3 - Permissions

Before you can read and write data from an Appwrite database collection or storage bucket, you’ll need to ensure you have the proper permissions set. This can be set from the “Settings” tab under the “Permissions” section inside a collection or storage bucket.

Permissions overview

With these three steps to complete, you should be set to connect to an Appwrite backend from either a client or server SDK.


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