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Appwrite Decoded: Khushboo Verma

In this blog, we put Khushboo Verma in the spotlight and share her side of the story.

The team behind Appwrite is situated worldwide and works together daily from different time zones. We’re proud of the remote and open source culture the team has built so far. In Appwrite Decoded, we introduce the people behind the code and celebrate them.

In this episode we will take you through Khushboo Verma’s career journey, a software engineer at Appwrite who embodies the power of community engagement and leadership in tech.

On and off campus advocate

Khushboo earned her degree in computer science engineering from one of the largest all-women's universities in Asia. However, her university life was about more than just hitting the books. It was about fostering a sense of community.

"I led numerous workshops on campus and worked to build communities not just within our university but also at a state level.”

She recognized the potential among women and was instrumental in proving that software engineering wasn't just a man's world.

"In our university, women were very hardworking and had access to the right opportunities, something that wasn't quite the same in other universities. So, through communities, I tried to bridge that gap as much as possible and always advocated for diversity and inclusion.”

Khushboo didn't stop there. She actively engaged in several community programs, like the Microsoft Student Ambassador and Google Machine Learning programs. These experiences expanded her horizon beyond the university walls, keeping her in the loop with the latest tech trends and what everyone was exploring in their spare time. Landing internships at big names like Microsoft and Adobe as a software engineer and product intern, respectively, was just the icing on the cake. These opportunities didn't just add to her resume, but they advanced her career forward, offering valuable experience in the dynamic tech landscape.

Khushboo git

"All of this motivated me to contribute more to the software engineering space, a field I truly love."

After graduating, she joined Microsoft full-time as a software engineer and explored the cloud computing space working with the Azure storage team. But despite her new role, she still was eager to be involved with the community. During this period, she also got the opportunity to speak publicly. From international stages at Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Build to Pycon India, she was there, sharing her knowledge, leading hands-on coding workshops, and everything in between.

Khushboo post network

"I also got involved with GitHub Campus Experts, which was about being a part of this global network of student leaders who are all about pushing for open source and making tech communities more inclusive."

Khushboo campus expert

So, why does she pour so much into community work? It's about giving back to the place that gave her so much.

“I believe communities have this amazing power to lift people up, to help them become the best version of themselves. That's been true for me, so I see it as my responsibility to give it back."

This connection to her community isn't just a side project, it's a core part of who Khushboo is.

"It's more than just work. It's a passion that's really close to my heart.”

Khushboo hackathon

Joining Appwrite through community

Her journey to Appwrite is nothing short of inspirational. Back when she was hosting a podcast called "Tech Interviews Simplified" for GitHub Education, she had the chance to invite Aditya, a Developer Advocate from Appwrite, to discuss DevRel roles. Eldad, the CEO of Appwrite, also joined the live stream to support Aditya, setting the stage for what was to come.

"After the show wrapped up, Aditya and I had a great conversation about Appwrite, his reasons for joining, and where I could dive deeper into learning about it.”

Khushboo post tech interviews

When the time came for a new challenge post-Microsoft, she remembered that conversation and reached out to Eldad. Everything clicked into place from there, as if it was meant to be.

Khushboo post career update

Her favorite part about working at Appwrite? It's the opportunity to shoulder a lot of responsibility. This keeps her learning journey continuously active.

"What's more, the people here are incredibly supportive and approachable, making the learning process not just easy, but fun and exciting too."

For Khushboo, it's all about the win-win: tackling high-impact projects with a swift and efficient process. This setup not only supports her learning but also ensures she's always surrounded by a team ready to lend a hand.

"Software engineering is very complex and filled with challenges. Often, we find ourselves diving into unknown waters, tackling problems that no one has solved before.”

This is precisely why she values being part of a team so highly. When you hit a snag or find your motivation lacking, it's the team that comes to your rescue. You're surrounded by a mix of people who've been in your shoes or who can help you overcome obstacles and encourage you to excel. For her, it's more than just collaboration, it's about cultivating a supportive environment.

"It's a place where newcomers are nurtured, and the more experienced offer guidance and mentorship."

In Khushboo's eyes, being part of a team means you're in a constant state of growth, always learning, and always helping others advance along with you.

Khushboo post team engineering

When asked to describe Appwrite in three words, Khushboo immediately says "ambition."

"We're always pushing the envelope, striving to achieve more and do our best.”

“Collaboration” comes next on her list.

"It's incredible to see how the design, product, engineering, and growth team work together. The level of collaboration is amazing, allowing us to see the product's journey from start to finish."

But what really sealed the deal for her was the “culture.”

"The culture here was a major deciding factor for me. It's refreshing to be part of a workspace that's not only supportive and friendly but also acknowledges and celebrates each employee's efforts. This makes Appwrite a fantastic place to work."

Thriving in her role

At Appwrite, there's real trust in Khushboo's abilities. When she faces a new task, even if it's something she hasn't tackled before, the support from her team is clear. They make it a point to ensure she's working on projects that genuinely excite her. It’s a way to keep her engaged and focused on what she loves doing most.

"They'll lay out a bunch of important projects and ask me, 'What excites you the most?'"

Khushboo and Eldad

"And, really, everyone at Appwrite is just so smart."

Being surrounded by such talented individuals is a daily motivation, constantly inspiring her to aim higher in her professional and personal life.

Khushboo post team

But it's not all about the work. Appwrite values her holistic growth. Despite being a software engineer, she's encouraged to explore her passions beyond coding. Whether it's public speaking or content creation, there's always support for her to engage in activities beyond her core responsibilities.

"It's an amazing setup that's enhanced my growth more than I ever imagined.”

Khushboo at conference

With Appwrite, she stepped into an environment where openness and transparency were more than just ideals—they were practiced daily. Getting a grip on the company’s bigger picture wasn’t just encouraged. It was essential. Seeing the direct line between her work in engineering and the company's achievements was a breath of fresh air.

“I found myself collaborating more closely with other teams in a way that was both new and exciting. It’s one thing to work on a project, but it’s another to see your piece fit into the puzzle, contributing to something that we all have a hand in.”

This approach didn’t just widen her view on how businesses operate, it also reshaped her entire mindset toward working together and solving problems. The impact of these experiences has been profound, leaving a lasting impression on her professional path.

Khushboo post team two

Past and future through Appwrite

Working on Appwrite Functions was a real journey of discovery for Khushboo. Starting from square one, she was prepared to tackle every detail from the ground up. The initial steps of drafting a detailed design document and steering it through the approval stages were just the prologue. The real excitement kicked in as she began building the feature from zero, witnessing its progression to a live environment. But for Khushboo, the project didn’t end with deployment. She was keen on hearing the community's voice, eagerly welcoming their feedback to enhance the feature further. Integrating this feedback, she fine-tuned the function to better meet user expectations. The community’s positive response was incredibly affirming, fueling her drive to innovate and keep exceeding what’s possible.

"At Appwrite, I see tremendous room for personal and professional development, especially as the product evolves.”

Every day is a chance for her to polish her system design abilities and advance as a self-reliant software engineer. As she looks to the future, she's eager to embrace a leadership position, whether it be technical or people-oriented, guided by a mindset of openness to new challenges. Yet, at the core of her ambition lies a genuine desire to contribute meaningfully and witness the impact of her work on users. This sentiment resonates with both her friendly nature and professional approach.

Keeping it real with remote work

Switching from the structured environment of an office to the flexibility of remote work initially presented a few challenges for Khushboo. Adjusting to Appwrite's remote nature didn't happen overnight. However, she quickly appreciated the benefits of asynchronous communication, which was crucial in maintaining transparency and fostering teamwork despite the team being spread across the globe. Navigating the challenges of interacting effectively with teammates in various time zones and cultural contexts was a learning curve.

"Appwrite really supports us by providing options like co-working spaces. I've taken to working from one, and it’s a game-changer. It brings a bit of the office vibe back, allowing me to hang out with professionals from other fields and partake in the communal energy and events typical of an office setting."

She's all about taking regular breaks, whether for a quick walk in the park or chatting with a coworker. It's one of the perks of remote work—being able to set your own schedule and work when you're feeling most productive. Remote work has its challenges, but Khushboo is a shining example that with the right mindset and a handful of clever strategies, not only can you navigate these challenges, but also fully tap into the wealth of benefits remote work offers.

Khushboo remote setting

Career tips

If you have your eyes on a software engineering career, Khushboo has some golden advice: get your hands dirty with code, lots of it. But don’t stop there. Once you've built up your confidence in coding, dive into the world of system design.

"Software engineering can sometimes be daunting. You might feel overwhelmed by everything there is to learn, worrying you’re falling behind or getting left out. But here’s the thing, every engineer has been there. The key? Commit to learning something new every day."

She believes in the power of sticking to a path of constant learning and finding joy in small discoveries. Linking up with mentors who've faced similar hurdles and surrounding yourself with driven peers can be transformative, making those big challenges much more manageable.

"Finding your way through the job market's competitive terrain can feel like a tough climb, especially with how things are today.”

She's convinced that those who dive into open source projects, share their achievements on social media, and connect with the wider community by writing blogs, making videos, or speaking at conferences stand out. She points out that in a world where opportunities know no borders, making yourself seen and heard on the global stage is crucial.

Take, for example, Appwrite—a globally remote company constantly scouting for talent worldwide. Khushboo’s guidance is clear-cut: develop a passion for building and exploring new things, but don’t forget to let the commnunity see what you’re capable of. Rather than solely relying on traditional job applications, she advocates for proactively sharing one's projects and expertise, enabling potential employers to discover them. Khushboo also highlights the significance of empathy and cultural fit in addition to technical proficiency. Being empathetic and understanding others' perspectives fosters strong teamwork and collaboration, qualities that are highly valued in today's workplace.

Khushboo wraps up her journey's story with a quote that resonates deeply with her:

“As long as you have faith and are willing to work hard, you can achieve anything you want.”

Her dedication to spreading knowledge doesn't stop; whether it's workshops, meetups, or conferences, she's there, eager to share what she knows with anyone willing to learn.

Khushboo at another conference

If you’re looking to learn more about Khushboo or to connect with her, visit her social profiles:

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