Distorted tables in the appwrite cli

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12 Feb, 2024, 18:43

Running appwrite projects list returns a distorted tabled in Powershell/cmd (haven't tested bash/wsl).

After some debugging and research, I concluded that this is not an issue limited to my installation and opened issue on github as I couldn't find a similar open issue (

Opening a ticket here, as advised in #🌩│cloud-beta

Developers are complaining that tables in the appwrite cli are distorted and not user-friendly. They believe that too much unnecessary information is being displayed and it's difficult to view on wide screens. The developers suggest that only essential information should be shown. A solution is to create an issue on the appwrite repository on GitHub.
12 Feb, 2024, 19:02

You'll want to go ahead and make your issue here, in the main repo.

12 Feb, 2024, 19:03

But I will say this is something I just noticed the other day :P So you're not alone with that table issue.

12 Feb, 2024, 19:04

Okay, would you like me to close the issue on the repo for the CLI?

12 Feb, 2024, 19:04

Yea, that'd probably be best.

12 Feb, 2024, 19:04

Okay, will do.

12 Feb, 2024, 20:19


12 Feb, 2024, 20:20

this isn't really an issue with the CLI

12 Feb, 2024, 20:20

there are more columns than the width of your screen

12 Feb, 2024, 20:39

Frankly, @Steven that's a pretty bad argument. It should work on a standard laptop screen.

I have also tried on the external monitors I get from my company - take a look. The first screenshot is from my laptop, this from the external monitor.

(PS - the API keys are revoked)

12 Feb, 2024, 20:40

Here's how much I need to zoom out to get it to work on my wide screen external monitor:

12 Feb, 2024, 20:41

If you are only developing for developers that have a 4K Ultra Wide Monitor at their disposal all the time, you are not catering to the vast majority of developers.

At this point, you are outputting way too much information for the particular command and that too in a bad format. Was only looking for a list of the projects in the instance - as an analogy, if someone only asks you to list the members of your family, they probably didn't want to know their blood group, weight and height as well (I didn't need my API keys, SMTP server, etc here).


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