Problem when i create Function

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12 Feb, 2024, 09:23

I want to create a function in my Appwrite self-hosting but I get this error “Provider Error: Not Found”. My current version of Appwrite is 1.4.13

User is trying to create a function in their self-hosted Appwrite, but receives a "Provider Error: Not Found" message. They are using Appwrite version 1.4.13. They are asked about their deployment method and the runtime/language they are using. No solution is provided in the thread.
12 Feb, 2024, 09:56

What's the runtime/language you're deploying?

12 Feb, 2024, 09:56

How are you deploying? Manually?

12 Feb, 2024, 09:57

No, this is an example provided by appwrite


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