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Celebrate Open Source with Appwrite and Hacktoberfest 2023!

We're excited to announce our participation in Hacktoberfest 2023! Join Appwrite in celebrating and supporting open-source development this October.

Hacktoberfest is back, celebrating a decade of open source! Appwrite is proud to support open-source developers for the fifth consecutive year of Hacktoberfest 2023, partnered with DigitalOcean. Here is how you can get involved and grab some cool Appwrite swag!

Quick Guide to Getting Involved

1. Appwrite Repository:

  • Check out the Appwrite repository on GitHub. Ensure you “Star” and “Like” the repo so you can find it easily

2. Search for Issues:

  • Look for issues labeled hacktoberfest. Not seeing enough to choose from? Do not worry, we will be adding more issues throughout the month

  • Can't find an issue you want to work on? You can create an issue if you have great ideas on how you can contribute to improving Appwrite. Keep in mind this years focus is on quality, not quantity

3. Choose Your Contribution:

  • Find the Issue you want to contribute to

  • Reply with a comment, “I would like to work on this. Can you assign it to me?”

  • Be sure to follow up with the issue within 3 days, so we know you are still working on it

  • Once your PR is ready, link the PR in the issue and tag a maintainer to let them know it is ready for review

  • Your PR will be confirmed within 7 days, and if it's accepted, we will label it as hacktoberfest-accepted

4. Get Support:

  • Our maintainers are here to assist, guide, and mentor you through your contribution. Need alternative ways to contribute or additional help? Contact us on Discord!

5. Win Swags:

  • Earn an Appwrite hoodie and stickers for contributing only one accepted and merged PR!

  • Earn a Digital Swag Bag from DigitalOcean for contributing 4 PRs+ from any open-source project participating in Hacktoberfest. We have a surprise gift inside this swag bag waiting for you

Hacktoberfest swag

How Appwrite Supports Developers

  • We are hosting several events that you can find in the Appwrite Discord community to introduce you to open-source projects, guide your contributions, and prep you for October. We are hosting two PR Review parties each week where you can watch our engineers live reviewing your pull requests and giving tips on contributing

  • We are consistently sharing content on how to build with Appwrite and become a better developer

Join the Appwrite Community

Stay informed on new announcements, events, and features, and interact with other Appwriters from the community! Join us on Discord, join the #hacktoberfest channel, and celebrate open-source together!

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