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Introducing the new Changelog feed

Unveiling the latest development highlights at Appwrite with our new Changelog feed.

At Appwrite, we're constantly evolving our products, features, and experience, and we understand it is challenging to keep up with these modifications. Therefore, we introduce the Changelog feed to our website. An easier way to be informed about releases, updates, and fixes. The new Changelog feed is our commitment to transparency and collaboration and a great tool to be easily in the loop with all the small or big changes in our products.

What to expect from the new Changelog

The Changelog is how we keep you informed and show our continuous improvements. Here's what you can find in it:

Concise updates: Each entry is a quick-to-digest snippet, giving you the gist of the update without requiring extensive reading.

Highlighted features: Discover the most impactful changes with highlights that draw your attention to what matters most.

Resources: Whether it's an in-depth blog post or an informative YouTube video, we provide links to resources that delve deeper into the update.

Why should you check the Changelog

Stay ahead: We thrive on innovation. With the new Changelog, you're always informed about the latest features and enhancements in Appwrite.

Plan better: Understanding what's new and what's changed can help you plan your projects and teamwork more effectively.

Community: Your feedback is vital. By staying updated, you can provide more timely and relevant feedback to help shape the future of Appwrite and encourage collaboration in the Appwrite community.

Easy access

Accessing the Changelog is easy, all you need to do is look for the small badge near the Changelog link on the Appwrite website. This badge is your clue that something new and exciting awaits. A single click and you're there, exploring all the latest developments.

The new Changelog feed alert

The Changelog page is more than a feature; it's a tool for Appwrite developers and a commitment to the Appwrite community of developers and the values we share in the community. We're excited to hear your feedback about the new Changelog feed, so don't hesitate to join us on Discord and share your thoughts.

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