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Announcing new Appwrite AI integrations

We are happy we can finally share more about our plans for AI and what we have been working on so far.

The AI hype is real and will be around for many years to come. In 2021 alone, AI startups worldwide raised nearly $50 billion in venture capital across approximately 1,500 deals, reflecting a significant increase from previous years. So it's no surprise that many of you are looking to build AI powered applications. But that's easier said than done, as building AI powered applications can be tricky. We don't want it to be. That's why we're happy to share multiple AI related announcements designed to enhance the Appwrite experience and adapt to new possibilities for devs building with Appwrite.

  • New knowledge base for AI

  • New third party AI integration tutorials

  • New AI powered Function templates

Let's examine the integrations, Function templates, and what's still to come.

AI use cases and documentation

To make your life easier, we have added technical guides to our documentation covering computer vision, natural language processing, and audio processing. These advanced tutorials explain how to use AI and Appwrite in your projects.

AI docs

AI integrations

We've also added support for many AI tools so you can integrate them into your projects. You will find step-by-step tutorials for each integration in our documentation. So far, we have added integrations and tutorials for:

AI powered Function templates

Function templates are pre-built Appwrite Function that can be integrated into your Appwrite project with just a few clicks. With templates, you can easily incorporate new features and integrations into your app without writing additional code or managing infrastructure.

We have templates for your favorite AI tools, like OpenAI, LangChain, HuggingFace, and many more, covering many use cases, such as building an intelligent chatbot using OpenAI.

Find the full overview on your console under the Templates tab in Fuctions. Filter function templates by the AI use case and select the AI function template that you need.

Appwrite console with AI template functions

You can also find the full list of templates on GitHub and see what's to come.

Building more AI features

Over the coming months, we will roll out more AI features to make building AI products smoother and allow more flexibility.

Vector database

Another advanced AI use case in the field of Natural Language Processing is the ability to use vector databases to store and process embeddings.

Embeddings are numerical representations of words, sentences etc., and vector databases are optimized to store and perform similarity searches on the embeddings.

Adding a vector database will be another important milestone for making Appwrite even more AI compatible.

AI marketplace

We will add an AI marketplace to encourage more open source collaboration on AI models and improve discoverability. The marketplace will allow you to build and share popular open-source and custom models. You can also host and sell your own custom models on the marketplace.

Building the future

The future of Appwrite is exciting, and we look forward to continuing to build exciting new features. Join us on Discord to participate in the discussion and have fun. For Appwrite and AI-powered projects, visit

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