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3 Apr, 2024, 06:25

I've updated to appwrite 1.5 and and node-appwrite 12.0.1. Whenever I try to run a test which fakes the system time my request to create a new document keeps processing and does not complete at all. This is the code:

    it('Should return work when an active work period is active', async () => {
      // Arrange
      const startDate = new Date(2024, 2, 2, 12).toISOString();
      jest.useFakeTimers().setSystemTime(new Date(2024, 2, 2, 13));

      await presencePeriodRepo.createDocument({
        userId: testUserId,
        type: PresencePeriodType.Work,
        expectedEndDate: new Date(2024, 2, 2, 17).toISOString(),

      // Act
      const result = await controller.getPresenceStatus(client);

      // Assert

Whenever I remove the usefakeTimers line the createDocument call completes just fine. This is the implementation of the createDocument function:

  public async createDocument(data: Schema, permissions?: string[]): Promise<Schema & Models.Document> {
    return this.databases.createDocument(this.databaseId, this.collectionId, ID.unique(), data, permissions);

Note this code was working fine in Appwrite 1.4.

Issue: When using Jest's fake time feature, the createDocument request does not complete at all, causing the test to hang indefinitely. Solution: The Jest fake timers may be interfering with the asynchronous nature of the `createDocument` function. Consider using a different method to handle time-related testing scenarios.

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