Migrate from Cloud

Migrations make it as easy as a couple of clicks to move all your Appwrite Cloud data into a self-hosted instance.


Things to keep in mind

  1. Data transferred by migrations will reset $createdAt and $updatedAt timestamps to the date of the migration.

  2. Your self-hosted Appwrite project must be accessible from the internet for the migration to work.

  3. Migrations are non-destructive. No data will be deleted or lost in the source project.


Create migration

To begin migrating to self-hosted, make sure to read the migration overview and things to keep in mind sections above.

  1. Navigate to your self-hosted project's console and click on the Migrations tab.

  2. Click Deploy to Cloud, you will be redirected to Appwrite Cloud.

  3. You will complete the migration on Appwrite Cloud.


Continue on self-hosted

  1. Once redirected to your self-hosted project, you'll be prompted to select an organization and a project. You can migrate to an existing project or create a new one.

  2. Select the data you wish to migrate. You can choose among accounts, databases, documents, files, and functions.

  3. Click Start Migration to start the migration process. You do not need to keep the Appwrite Console open through the process.

Keep in mind

Your self-hosted instance will generate an API Key in the background to pass to Appwrite Cloud. You can revoke this key after the migration process is complete.