We provide libraries for major programming languages and platforms so you don't have to write code for interacting with our HTTP APIs from scratch.

Our team is always working on improving and extending the current stack of available platforms and SDKs, listed below is a list of official libraries our team is currently maintaining.

Client SDKs

Client libraries for integrating with Appwrite to build client-based applications and websites. Read the getting started for web or getting started for Flutter tutorials to start building your first application.

Platform GitHub Repository
Web SDK  11.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-web official
Flutter SDK  9.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-flutter official
Apple SDK  2.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-apple official
Android SDK  2.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-android official

Server SDKs

Libraries for integrating with Appwrite to build server side integrations. Read the getting started for server tutorial to start building your first server integration.

Platform GitHub Repository
Node.js SDK  9.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-node official
Deno SDK  7.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-deno official
PHP SDK  8.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-php official
Python SDK  2.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-python official
Ruby SDK  8.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-ruby official
.NET SDK  0.4.0 appwrite/sdk-for-dotnet official beta
Dart SDK  8.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-dart official
Kotlin SDK  2.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-kotlin official
Swift SDK  2.0.0 appwrite/sdk-for-swift official

If you would like to help us extend our platforms and SDKs stack, you are more than welcome to contact us or check out our Appwrite SDK Generator project GitHub repository and read our contribution guide.

Integrate without an SDK

We are always looking to add new SDKs to our platform, but if the SDK you are looking for is still missing or in a beta channel, you can always integrate with Appwrite directly using any standard HTTP client and the Appwrite REST API. You can learn more about how you can integrate directly with Appwrite HTTP API from our dedicated blog post on the topic.


If you have created your own framework or any other technology specific integration and would like us to list it here please contact us.