Appwrite provides SDK libraries for major programming languages and platforms so you don't have to write code for interacting with our API protocols from scratch.

We're always working on improving and extending the current stack of available platforms and SDKs, listed below is a list of official libraries the Appwrite team is maintaining.


Client libraries for integrating with Appwrite to build client-based applications and websites. Read one of the many quick starts guides for your framework of choice to start building your first application.

 PlatformGitHub Repository 
Javascript logo Javascript logoWeb SDK 14.0.1appwrite/sdk-for-web
Flutter logo Flutter logoFlutter SDK 12.0.3appwrite/sdk-for-flutter
Apple logo Apple logoApple SDK 5.0.0appwrite/sdk-for-apple
Android logo Android logoAndroid SDK 5.1.0appwrite/sdk-for-android
React logo React logoReact Native SDK 0.1.0appwrite/sdk-for-react-nativebeta


Server libraries for integrating with Appwrite to build server side integrations or use inside your Appwrite Functions. Read one of the many quick starts guides for your language/runtime of choice to start building your first server integration.

 PlatformGitHub Repository 
Node.js logo Node.js logoNode.js SDK 12.0.1appwrite/sdk-for-node
Dart logo Dart logoDart SDK 11.0.2appwrite/sdk-for-dart
Python logo Python logoPython SDK 5.0.2appwrite/sdk-for-python
PHP logo PHP logoPHP SDK 11.0.1appwrite/sdk-for-php
Ruby logo Ruby logoRuby SDK 11.0.1appwrite/sdk-for-ruby
.NET logo .NET logo.NET SDK 0.8.1appwrite/sdk-for-dotnetbeta
Deno logo Deno logoDeno SDK 10.0.1appwrite/sdk-for-deno
Kotlin logo Kotlin logoKotlin SDK 5.0.1appwrite/sdk-for-kotlin
Swift logo Swift logoSwift SDK 5.0.1appwrite/sdk-for-swift

If you would like to help us extend our platforms and SDKs stack, you are more than welcome to contact us or contribute to the Appwrite SDK Generator project GitHub repository and read our contribution guide.


We are always looking to add new SDKs to our platform. If the SDK you are looking for is still missing, labeled as beta or experimental, or you simply do not want to integrate with an SDK, you can always integrate with Appwrite directly using any standard HTTP, GraphQL, or WebSocket clients and the relevant Appwrite protocol.

Appwrite supports multiple API protocols for maximum flexibility and developer convenience. You can learn more about how to integrate directly with them using one of the following available guides:

Utility classes

Appwrite's SDKs provide useful utility classes to make your development experience easier. Use these classes and methods to reduce guess work and get better code suggestions in your IDE.


Appwrite has utility classes to help you handle IDs. These generate the correct ID format to be passed to the Appwrite APIs. Note that ID.unique() does not generate unique IDs locally, but asks the Appwrite APIs to generate them on the server.

    Appwrite generates unique IDs that are both random and ordered. Appwrite IDs combine a timestamp prefix based on microseconds and a random UID string, formatted as <timestamp_hex><uid_hex>.


    Appwrite has enumeration classes for predefined strings used different parameters used for the Appwrite APIs.

    These enums are available for authenticator type, name, OAuth provider, password hash types, browsers, authentication factors, index types, credit cards, image gravity, image format, relationship types, SMTP encryption, Function runtime, messaging provider type, compression algorithms, execution methods, and country flags.

      Queries and permissions

      Appwrite has utility classes for queries and permissions. You can learn more about query utility classes and permissions utility classes in their own pages.

      File I/O

      Depending on your platform, you will also need some helpers to interface with system I/O. Learn more about storage input file classes.


      If you have created your own framework or any other technology specific integration and would like us to list it here please contact us.

      If you would like to help us expand Appwrite's list of SDKs, you can contribute to Appwrite's SDK Generator project on GitHub and read our contribution guide.