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Announcing: Appwrite Pro

We’re happy to introduce Appwrite Pro. After announcing our pricing plans for Appwrite Cloud in August, we have reached another milestone as we roll out billing and welcome our newest addition to Appwrite Cloud. A new product offering that allows you to build with more confidence.

After announcing our pricing plans for Appwrite Cloud in August, we have reached another milestone as we roll out billing and welcome our newest addition to Appwrite Cloud, Appwrite Pro. A new product offering that allows you to build with more confidence.

While Appwrite Cloud is still in beta, Appwrite Pro is a new chapter we write together. Pro will help us add more features and capabilities to Appwrite, making app development more accessible and enjoyable for developers like you.

Appwrite Pro resources & support

Previously, all Appwrite Cloud developers used the Starter plan with unrestricted resources. This changes with Pro. Depending on your needs, you can choose between two different plans for your organization(s):

  • Starter: a free plan that provides an easy starting point for budding projects

  • Pro: a paid plan that offers more resources and premium support

As we explained in depth in our Pricing announcement, our pricing plans are based on a set of guiding principles we created, which we call the “Value Framework.” It guided us through determining the resources in a Pro plan and a fair price. It focuses on delivering the maximum value for you without compromising on the affordability and accessibility of our products and services.

Pro gives you much more room and flexibility to build, scale, and maintain your apps compared to the Starter plan. Here is a snapshot of the differences in resources and support for Appwrite Starter and Appwrite Pro. You can find the complete overview on our pricing page.

Appwrite StarterAppwrite Pro
Free$15 per member per month
Unlimited projects (never paused)Unlimited projects (never paused)
10GB bandwidth300GB bandwidth
2GB storage150GB storage
750K executions3.5M executions
75K monthly active users200K monthly active users
Community supportEmail support
Non-removable Appwrite brandingRemovable Appwrite branding
No add-on resourcesAdd-on resources
1 Database, 3 Buckets, 5 Functions per projectUnlimited Databases, Buckets, and Functions

Authentication, Bandwidth & Monthly active users

With 300GB bandwidth and 200K monthly active users in the Pro plan, we ensure you can scale your user base and provide great performance for your users without facing large bills. Allowing this room for your growth at a low cost fits our philosophy that we grow together.

Databases, Buckets & Storage

Another essential addition to your projects is having an unlimited number of databases, allowing you to tailor and optimize your data management. You can manage different data types and patterns, separate concerns, have stricter data governance and security and optimize performance. All are very necessary for more complex and demanding software applications.

Again, you’re allowed unlimited buckets. This provides several benefits, including improved organization, scalability, modularity, data redundancy, storage cost management, and data governance. With a starting point of 150GB storage, you can grow your projects instantly without reaching high costs, allowing you to grow in production at a low cost.

Functions & Executions

Having unlimited functions is a must-have for many, as it is the holy grail for building customized business logic to extend Appwrite’s capabilities. With unlimited functions and 3.5M executions, most projects won’t exceed these limits anytime soon. You can run many executions like scheduled tasks, batch processing jobs, webhooks, and some IoT use cases with this resource.


For a production product, you need more control of your brand, as well as the flexibility to add to your plan as it evolves. Within the Pro plan, it is possible to remove Appwrite branding from emails, have custom SMTP, and get resource add-ons to fit your needs.

Premium support

For the last few years, we have had help from the community and dedicated moderators to help us support you using Appwrite. Now, with the launch of Appwrite Pro, we add premium support. This is an email support service on top of our Discord community, where we will have a dedicated team to provide technical support. We understand that this is an important addition for you to have when building with Appwrite. We want to ensure you can build with confidence.

Appwrite Pro

Growth in beta with early adopters

Appwrite Cloud has seen immense growth since we entered public beta. It has been truly encouraging to see what the strength of a valuable product and a fantastic community can do. We’ve seen unique projects hosted on Appwrite Cloud. Cloud has helped developers scale their apps, while their feedback has helped us improve Cloud.

Thanking early adopters

Beta developers are fundamental to the success of Appwrite Cloud today, and we are grateful for the support we have received. To give back and say thank you, we will provide each early adopter of Appwrite Cloud with credits for Appwrite Pro for the first two months.

Appwrite Pro early adopters $30 Credits

Existing organizations and projects

Early adopters of Appwrite Cloud may already have a large number of organizations and projects. With the release of Appwrite Pro, each Appwrite Cloud account will have access to only one free Starter organization. Additional projects will be paused. You can find an overview of your project’s resources on the Appwrite Console. To help you make a smooth transition, you can take one of the following options.

  • Upgrade additional organizations to the Pro plan using your early adopters’ credit.

  • Move your projects using the Transfer project feature in your project’s settings.

  • Migrate your Appwrite Cloud projects to a self-hosted instance.

We appreciate the support and feedback from early Cloud adopters. These options should help you transition smoothly as we roll out Appwrite Pro.

Appwrite Pro for open-source maintainers

Open-source software forms the foundation of modern software technologies. As lovers and builders of open-source software, we understand and appreciate the difficulty of building in the open. We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to build open-source software sustainably, and we can’t wait to give back.

Like our previous initiatives, such as the OSS Fund, Appwrite Cloud will also support open-source developers. OSS maintainers can use Appwrite to build and maintain their projects on the Appwrite Pro plan for free. Please reach out on our contact page to enquire about this plan. As always, Appwrite also remains open-sourced and free to self-host.

Appwrite Pro is just the start. We will continue developing our product offering to match your growing needs and capabilities and are excited to see your projects succeed with Appwrite Cloud. While you benefit from everything Appwrite Pro has to offer, you also become advocates in our mission to make software development accessible and enjoyable for all.

Upgrade to Appwrite Pro and claim your early adopters’ credits.

Together, we build like a team of hundreds_

Need help?

In case you need help upgrading, transferring your projects, or have billing and budget cap queries, please find the following resources:

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