Quick start

Follow these steps before you begin using the Appwrite SDKs or accessing Appwrite through the REST and GraphQL API.


Select the right API

Appwrite has two types of APIs for different use cases, select one or both depending on your use case.

If you're creating a web, mobile, or native application used by end-users that will register and create accounts, install a Client SDK and follow steps for Client APIs.

If you're create a server application, like a backend, admin app, or a CLI tool, install a Server SDK and follow steps for Server APIs.

If you're creating a Server-side Rendered (SSR) web app, install a Server SDK and follow steps for SSR.


Configure project

Head to the Appwrite Console.

If this is your first time using Appwrite, create an account and create your first project.

Create project screen

Create project screen

Then, configure your project depending on use case. You can follow all three flows to enable all three use cases.


    Initialize SDKs

    When using the Appwrite APIs, you need to pass information like endpoint, project ID, credentials and other metadata for Appwrite to properly parse your request.

      You will use the initialized client in all requests you make to Appwrite.

      If you're using Appwrite without an SDK, follow the guides for the REST API or GraphQL API.



      If you prefer to explore examples, follow one of the following quick starts.

      Client apps

      Examples when building with Client APIs

      Server apps

      Examples when building with Server APIs