Vonage lets you send customized SMS messages to your users. These SMS messages can be sent immediately or scheduled. You can send SMS messages for purposes like reminders, promotions, announcements, and even custom authentication flows.


Add provider

To add Vonage as a provider, navigate to Messaging > Providers > Add provider > SMS.

Add a Vonage provider

Add a Vonage provider

Give your provider a name > choose Vonage > click Save and continue. The provider will be saved to your project, but not enabled until you complete its configuration.


Configure provider

In the Configure step, you will need to provide details from your Vonage dashboard to connect your Appwrite project.

You will need to provide the following information from your Vonage dashboard.

Field name
API keyHead to Vonage dashboard > Build & manage > API settings and copy the API key.
API secretHead to Vonage dashboard > Build & manage > API settings and copy the API secret.
Sender numberYou can access your numbers by navigating to Vonage dashboard > Build & manage > Numbers > Your numbers.

After adding the following details, click Save and continue to enable the provider.


Test provider

Before sending your first message, make sure you've configured a topic and a target to send messages to.

    You can follow the Send SMS messages journey to send your first push notification and test your provider.


    Manage provider