Firebase Cloud Messaging

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) lets you send push notifications to your iOS, Android, and web apps through Appwrite Messaging. Before you can deliver messages, you must connect to a messaging provider.


Add provider

To add FCM as a provider, navigate to Messaging > Providers > Add provider > Push notification.

Add a FCM provider

Add a FCM provider

Give your provider a name > choose FCM > click Save and continue. The provider will be saved to your project, but not enabled until you complete its configuration.


Configure provider

In the Configure step, you will need to provide details from your Firebase console to connect your Appwrite project.

You will need to provide the following information from the Firebase console.

Enable FCM

FCM must be enabled on your Firebase project.

Head to Firebase console -> Settings -> Project settings -> Cloud Messaging. If FCM is disabled, click the three-dots menu and open the link. On the following page, click Enable (it might take a few minutes for the action to complete).

Head to Project settings > Service accounts > Generate new private key.

FCM admin key

FCM admin key

After all the relevant details are provided, you can enable the provider.


Configure app

Some additional configuration is required to enable push notifications in your mobile app.


    Test provider

    Push notification requires special handling on the client side. Follow the Send push notification flow to test your provider.


    Manage provider